Martin Solveig’s mini mix for BBC Radio 1 Annie Mac

Here’s a great five minute mini mix Martin Solveig threw together for BBC Radio 1 a short while ago. It’s a banging mix that’ll get you moving and hyped up fa sho. Mr. Solveig’s mix includes the following great artists in order of appearance, all mashed into a wee little few minutes: Franz Ferdinand, Erol Alkan, Gwen Stefani, Martin Solveig, A-Trak, Duck Sauce, Dada Life, Daft Punk, Dragonette, Idoling!!!, TV Noise, The Beatles, Britney Spears, Bingo Players, Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, DJ Mehdi, Thomas Bangalter, Knife Party, Madonna, Woodkid, M.I.A., Labrinth, Madeon.  Epic, no? And guess who caught a FEW of those artists at BFD in the Subsonic Tent just a few days ago? *ahem ahem* That’s right, Dragonette and Knife Party KEEEEELED it. The man just finished DJing the MTV Movie Awards, which I caught belated on my DVR the other night. Of course, the people dancing along behind him on the broadcast had headbands on, true to the spirit. Big thanks to DJ Blondie K of FringeSF for sharing the mini mix on a music sharing Facebook group we’re on earlier today, otherwise I might not have noticed this at all. Is it Friday yet? What? No? That’s OK, I have shows every night AGAIN till the weekend so it’s all good. 😉 

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