It’s not everyday a good post-rock band catches my attention

Today, thanks to a Time Magazine article about who they thought were the best SXSW acts, one such band grabbed hold of me. I’ve never heard of Silverbus. I looked at the list and saw that the band hails from Taiwan. So my reaction was, who the heck is this Silverbus? I looked them up. Et VOILA! Post-rock! Of the kind I love (it’s really a very broad genre)! Guitar guitar guitar cinematic goodness yeehaw. Here’s a few examples of their work. I must listen to some of this at home and simmer in it over some good wine (not promoting substance use, kiddos…). Listen if you like post rock from the likes of Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, God Is An Astronaut… These bands easily create the soundtrack of life. It’s like your own personal emotional movie is flittering through your heart and playing in the recesses of your head when you listen to this stuff. It’s so incredibly personal. 

ADDENDUM: So I’ve noticed lately that the K-pop influence in indie synthpop and electropop has been ever growing (ie. Grimes, other Kitsune label artists, BigBang and Girls getting more popular in Europe and slowly over here in the US). Another thing I’m starting to notice is that while pop is crossing over from certain areas of Asia, PERHAPS there’s a slow emergence of ROCK influence coming from China and Taiwan (and a blurry mix of both from Japan). Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong, but here is one such example, Silverbus. And at The Creators Project over the weekend there were exhibits and films about rock bands from China. I’ve slowly noticed bits and pieces peeking through. Music is such an amazing, blind melting pot and the future is so exciting!

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