Blaqk Audio’s new track

blaqk audio

The Witness is off the Abduction soundtrack too. What the heck is this Abduction film with all these artists and tracks on its soundtrack? Sounds like typical Blaqk Audio (AFI + more synthpop/electro sound). I hope AFI is making some GOOD new music. I miss AFI.

UPDATE: I just realized AFI is broken up. Awwwwwwwww. Well, Davey Havok will be busy with many other projects, I’m sure. Sometimes if a group of artists feels they have already reached their full artistic potential together, I agree they may have to move on and grow elsewhere. I actually do agree that AFI may have hit that ceiling awhile back. But I don’t agree when it comes to bands like Bloc Party and some other ones, that are NOT broken up but people were worried they were.

UPDATE 2: Now I’m hearing otherwise (thanks, futureonbreed). Something about getting hacked and the news being false. Dang you, internetz, lol. Well, I still stand by that they need to put forth something more innovative and new when and if they drop their new music. The 2009 album Crash Love was already not as good as Decemberunderground (which I love oh so much so was slightly disappointed Crash Love didn’t sweep me off my feet). And even this Blaqk Audio song, though enjoyable, isn’t as impressive as the material from Cex Cells. 

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